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Economic Empowerment & Job Creation

Establishing a massive infrastructure development project that includes constructing and
redevelopment of drainage systems, roads and highways, water and sewage systems and a
network of traffic and street lights countrywide.


“Primary healthcare is the gatekeeper of any successful modern healthcare system. It is the bedrock on which the entire healthcare system rests.We must ensure countrywide health coverage and equitable access to quality healthcare for all Guyanese.To accomplish this, we must strive to ensure that Guyana’s primary healthcare system is value driven, and people centered.It is therefore, the mandate of the Health Policies Initiatives Committee of Move On Guyana Inc. to brainstorm Guyana’s current healthcare structure, with special focus on primary healthcare so that we can bring fresh ideas to the national discourse.”

Educational Reforms

Establish a community college system in Guyana to allow high school graduates who do
not qualify for automatic entry to the University of Guyana to earn a two-year associates degree.

Welcome to Move On Guyana INC

MOVE ON GUYANA, INC. will work to create a new dispensation in Guyanese by inspiring the youth population to use the power and invincibility of their vote to engender a paradigm and help enact a vision for development that leads to modernity and youth equality in national decision making.

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