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About MOGI

About MOGI


Movement of Youth for the National Development of Guyana


Guyana’s economy faces a severe dichotomy whereby there is a shortage of skilled labor, and yet a high youth unemployment rate. Specifically, the 2017 Labour Force Survey showed that Guyana’s Youth unemployment rate was 22% overall, and 28% for young women. Worse yet, youths “not in education, employment or training” is listed at 35% overall, and is higher for young women and urban dwellers1. Guyana’s Deloitte’s 2016 study2 showed that the “Shortage of Qualified Labour” is the biggest Local Content constraint across all sectors, and this echoes the World Bank’s statistics3 which shows that less than 10% of Guyana’s workforce is considered skilled.

Guyana’s Constitution states that “every young person has the right to ideological, social, cultural, and vocational development and to the opportunity for responsible participation in the development of the order of society.”

This Charter was conceptualized and drafted by a core group after consultation with and feedback from hundreds of young people over a period of several months. The group also analyzed the current political dynamics; including the genuine feeling that there is a significant disconnect between political leaders and the youth population. A significant number of youth who recently attained voting age expressed outrage at a proposal for GECOM to abandon house to house registration (HTHR) before elections. They felt an inalienable right is at risk of being taken away. They subsequently welcomed the majority decision by GECOM commissioners to proceed with HTH, and committed to getting their peers registered to vote.

Research shows that 54% of Guyana’s population is below age 40, and the median age is 26. Therefore the most significant part of the electorate will be voters between age 18 and 40. MOVE ON GUYANA, INC. will therefore continually engage this demographic to fashion policies and a vision for our national development.

“MOVE ON GUYANA, INC” will mobilize and energize Guyana’s youth population to support its Charter of Policy Initiatives, which will captivate the imagination and inspire a movement for increased youth involvement Guyana’s national development. MOVE ON GUYANA will engage and petition the government of Guyana to adopt and implementing these measures to demonstrate to youths that it genuinely cares about youth issues and will permanently integrate our concerns into the nation’s governance and national development agenda.

MOVE ON GUYANA, INC. will work to create a new dispensation in Guyanese society by inspiring the youth population to use the power and invincibility of their vote to engender a paradigm and help enact a vision for development that leads to modernity and youth equality in national decision making.

1Bureau of Statistics, Labour Force Survey, 3rd Quarter 2017 Report.
2“Local Content Supply and Demand Analysis” done for Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd. by Deloitte. 3World Development Indicators, 2014


MISSION: “Integrating our youth into our nation’s governance and development agenda” MOTTO: “Our Youth, Our Nation, Our future”

For more information see our charter  Move on Guyana Charter